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embellishments and things for the viewing public. so the increase in captivity is almost negligible over one hundred but to allow the flexibility by removing the seats from the main auditorium. and also a enhancing the drink and food experience. its not just the fact there is alcohol available there is now that's not new wore making s it into is an appealing situation. you can go eat at a variety of over 3 thousand restaurants in san francisco and just being feeding fed is your requirement kooul you'll go to the at least expensive one. if you want more of on experience of the meal itself
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urge tow go to a restaurant that gives us that. that is the same case. we're making an attractive venue for events. i certainly think they've worked extremely well, as was pointed out to the neighbors. we've got smaller clubs in the city like the feinstein's and, of course, venues such a davies and the opera house. but again those don't combine the food and drink experience expect on a limited use with the entertainment. i think we will attract more and better quality acts by moving moving forward.
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this is a historical arena >> commissioner wu. >> i wanted to ask staff the question. i'm trying to understand how does the su d act with flying zoning and section 132 b allow the use to happen >> it basically sets forth the conditional use for certain types uses eating and drinking and that's part of the request today. it didn't take place with anything that is not to deal with non-conforming uses. when you have a non-conforming use you can have during a certainty point of operation you can discontinue that use or seek
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the legalization for the use. that was the case in 2012 for the masonic approval or you can seek to change to another type of use. the types of uses i can chance to are regulated by two other parts of the planning code. if the use is permitted in the nc one district and conditional permitted within any neighborhood commercial district within a quarter of a mile like polk street if those are accurate the project sponsor can go ahead with a request for conditional use to chance to that other identified use. so in this case, the other use is entertainment which is a defined category and it's
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permitted with conditional use within the polk district >> and so the inlying district is 4 so this third option to change the use either in a nc within a quarter of that mile. does it have to do with 4 or not >> the only underlying zoning only comes into play because the non conforming uses in non-arousal district which this is. >> thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> i think that explanation is an important link we can't challenge what's in the code and amendments of the kind in in front of us are. i'm in support of the continual
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use of the masonic. the last 4 years they're capable based on the agreement and the neighborhood groups that are watching is that it works. there's no double a noble there of cars swimming around trying to find the last minute parking space but that's part of living in the city that itself is hopefully wouldn't make anyone object to the project. the noise impact as far as performances within the facility as it stands they've already been it's built as an auditorium and changes in the sound equipment who wouldn't sfut many changes. i'm glad the pine street
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building was originally not doomed asia pabl possible i think it's good that speaks to how the kitchen and food services are being run which was previously not possible. so in principle i'm in support that didn't effect envy voting against the eir, however, the pranl project as it stands it something i'm supportive of >> commissioner hillis. >> i think this is a great venue and live nation and the property owner has done a great job in reaching the settlement agreement. this goes far in settling the number of events. we fear this is an auditorium there will be the repute i
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didn't crowd but people who programmed those spaces they've looked at the wind earth and fire and van morrison those might have been the repute i didn't crowds then but it's not that now. it's the masonic auditorium those acts wouldn't play at the masonic. this is highly appropriate and i'll move to approve with conditions >> second. >> commissioner. >> and commissioner hillis those are the conditions that were read by mr. guy. >> correct. >> regarding the pine tree yard. >> yes. i want to add a couple of comments i'm supportive and appreciate the comments about the su direct your attention. but in the big picture i'm
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exfoliated to see this project come forward and bring knob hill up. its been challenged by some of the great restaurants. there are three or four public garages in the area that's not a problem. when i hear the word concert used at the masonic it's difficult those are small intimated shows that's a great a place to hear shows. i'm supportive >> commissioner moore. >> this shows how effective a project can be. it's been an uphill battle but supervisor chu stepped in.
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those support is the neighbors sentiment. it's indeed an ongoing group of people who are monitoring this with the attention to park et and i'm very happy >> commissioners there's a motion additional second to approve with conditions and read into the record by staff. on that motion (calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero >> does the commission take a short break anditem. >> i'd like to welcome everyone back to san francisco planning
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commission regular meeting for november 14, 2013. i want to remind people that the commission doesn't allow any disruptions please silence all electronic devices. and when speaking to the commission speak into the microphone >> on item 13 for the case the event center and mixed use development and this is an informational item. >> staff we're here today so we can see the new design for pierce thirty 32. there are representatives here from the lawyers team and others nick reward and, of course, craig. peter albert will be joining us
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shortly he'll come in and we'll all think around for questions. as you may remember craig was here talking about the second phase of pierce thirty and 32. you'll see six months of intensive review from comments b from public agrees and the planning department and the mta. there's a collaborative effort from agency that have jurisdiction in the promise. at the end of the august the planning department provided form comments inform the warriors team on the second reiteration to make sure we
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incorporated the comments into the design on the open space connections on the piers and on the scale and interests of the sort of perimeter access along the edges of the pier. and probably most important to us the sort of articulation of the main entrance as you're walking from downtown at the intersection with the embarcadero. so we've included copies of that memo in your packets i believe in august, august 23rdrd. i can provide you another copy. so with that we'll get to the order of business. i'll turn this over to envy colleagues. we'll be here after the presentation to answer any questions you might have.
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thank you >> is it is this one? okay. thank you. thank you hello again commissioners it's a procure to show you the latter developments. there's been a great deal of work on the project. i want to clarify we're focusing on pier thirty and 32. you may be interested in the seawall site m that won't be presented there's still issues on that. so although obviously there are some implications of the design along the embarcadero. i'm maple to answer as many questions as i can we're happy to answer questions about the whole. your focus is on thirty and 32. the first thing we wanted to
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remind you have we've been continual stabilizing the pier. there's been a lot of studies to assure that the pier can be stabilized to manage the pier as it krmgz into the bay. so part of our a big part of our goal and emphasis is to make sure it's viable for the citizens of the community. we're looking forward to creating a design that provides for access than we're able to have here today. 3 that will be open on all sides important our first sketch is a reminder and also to suggest to you that although many changes have been made the core consent is the same.
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so the open space is a commodity not just a left over thing. this particular idea has been carried through to the original scream. but the emphasis on the view to the bay bridge peer to the south will be maintained in this current design. moving from the north to the south there are more things to see. one is approving access and various types of access across the site. many comments from the community and those who've been working with we're working with developing a more inviting scale
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to the building to assure with the massing of these things are in scale. we're trying to provide for park space and a vegetation. this was what big challenge because originally the sketches showed you less of that but there's a commitment to this by the team and ownership to insure that would be a healthy place. so here's the first view of the new it location. it's the version 3.10 you notice the areas on the west side of the site have been broken down. there's a v shape that goes through the retail that's a passage a gentle rising passage that takes you up to the center
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plaza. you'll note there are several things we'll mark in detail many of the heights have come down so that are central plaza area has been lowered and the northeast corners have been load. there's been cut outs given to the edge of the pier for quickly access to the pier. so all of those things have been part of our thinking. this was the previous scream to remind you. the retail was set into two large blocks and there was a straightedge to the arena. the arena was slightly larger. in fact, what we've shown is the red scale and the retail are
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important it's more imitate in scale and porous. we reduced the program but about thirty thousand square feet that's the gross square feet of the area. without sacrificing performance in general it's about being efficient and tighter on the solutions and making sure the engine solutions are able to make things more refined. the other thing, of course, is mentioned we'll talk about is the there of water that's open to the sky. it remains maritime use and a for the fireboats on the north and east and on the south public access to leisure activities.
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you'll no a lot of green that raised plaza used to be a little less planned. we brought more vegetation both this sloping surface. the sloping sacrifice comes down. those rapture ramps they're less than than one to 20 they slope but don't require a handrail. it's a simple sloping sacrifice from bottom to top. this is a long chart there's time to review it but for the purposes of this meeting we'll highlight some of the factors. we've lowered the event center down to one hundred and 10 feet. as you know in cities people gage the height of structures by their eave line.
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so we pushed the top portion of the building inward so it's one hundred and 10 and it's in the center of the arena itself. we managed to decrease the 03 thousand square feet in the facility. we've sort of morning managed inform maintain the soviet of interior. one is to raise the amount of total open space that's 7 and a half acres of open space. we would like to say that's 3 union squares of space that's available to the sky and it's created a park like atmosphere per we've increased the amount of vems to there's two acres that's planted what sort of
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plantings. we've kept the mradz at the northwe northwe northwest corner. on the cars remain at 5 hundred although reduced from the one hundred and thirty. and finally, from the last version we've actually removed for an hundred of pier space so there's less pier and more water in this new scheme. but the first thing we're going to go through 9 points the first point is approving safety. as you recall we had a situation where the primary entrance was at the northeast corner but it
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made it difficult to manage and some people felt that maybe we could but it was better to try to push the limits of this support access so we moved it it the south it's mid block more in lion with the vehicular challenges around brian street. if you see that blue error e arrow that puts that into the applicant lane. there's 3 lanes that could be rotated. there's a number of places where you can move around the site obviously in terms of vehicular
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access. we're proposing to put bicycle parking. we have room for 3 hundred valet bicycle parking spaces and seven hundred are more available spaces. we've worked hard to insure that the bilk lane can move freely pr and not have a lot of starts and stops. i, you know, there's been talk about a bicycle track those things are possible with the given design. the second point is there's been a radical adjustment to the northwest corner it opened up the space for people stayed. furthermore we've removed retail from that location. you'll see because of the moving
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of the parking and because we've moved retail we've opened up this space. we've had this in the recent picture. we optional have a 10 foot stair access not particularly positive. instead now by moving the vehicular site we have no vehicle conflict and seven hundred feet that's open to the public on all sides. we've moved the retail to 80 a series of terraces so the retail element is pulled away from the corner. this is a view from the north he looking south. there's some details we find interesting. the roof escapes are getting
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socialister it works with the soft shape of the arena it's the white structure. the fire department remains in the similar location. there's the 3 steps we've made several terraces that led away from the north west he copper but if you looked the right side its only one story high and then it steps up to 2 and 3 stories. so there's a lot of mitigation of scale and a widening of the spates. one of the key features is reduce the plazas height. as you know there's a view i'll walk you through that that. we had an issue we have to bring people in at plus 37 feet we have to drop the arena into the water so there's a plus 37 that
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has to be kept. so we worked with engineering to make it more efficient from 37 to 28. that shows you how much mass has been from us this area of the site by creating more efficient design. here you can see where the plus 37 level was on the left and where the plus 28 is. some people refer to this area as the saddle you drop down on the north. there's the plus 37 and plus 28 it's more easily educational. they don't have to have rails because it's a faster and easier to get there. this is a view of the plaza. we've created retail and shops
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and restaurants. so when you're at the plus 28 level the door is up on another level so you don't feel like you're on a space that should be empty. it can be used at all times of the day the spanish steps leading up to activities. this view suggests that the retail is one story and a height. the fourth thing that's important the practice courts at the northeast corner they're important to the team. they used to be quiet their own they are now. this is a new design there's a green lawn it's dropped considerable in height all the way from 55 feet all the way down to 37 feet so that's been
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removed from the portion of the design. we've done that by again extreme engineering development by dropping the terraces down it lowers the height of what's over it. i'm sorry gosh i'm not halfway. i'm sorry. i'll move quickly. we've removed about 1.3 million be cubit feet of mass. to give you an idea if you took the whole first floor of the ferry building about 15 or 16 feet high that's how much has been removed from the design. the south stairs is more accommodating with more park areas. and so in version 2 point owe it was more hard escape and this
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version it's a softer slope with more vegetation. i'm sorry, i am moving quickly that are that the view of the new south areas. the soft slope with the stair being more organic we've made it more soft. and the retailers come down and there's a number of small terraces that overlook the slope the reds remains on the left. on the right you'll see this pedestrian ramp this invitation ramp up to plus 88 to over look the bay. this site we're providing more
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space for people to collect in different sizes. this is a detail view of that particular area. you can see the amount of vegetation that's been added. there's an area to the left where we have a theatre access point to during musical events you can enter directly from embarcadero and you walk underneath the gardens. this is a view from mid point up the lawn of the terrace. you can see from the distance is market street hampton and mission peak. you'll see that from the south bay. we've cut away pier at the

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